Tips For Buying Cheap Wedding Dresses

If the high cost of wedding dresses is worrying you, don’t fret. Attractive, low cost wedding dresses are available. Here are your options.

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Decide what type of wedding dress you want. There are strapless gowns, flowing train, long sleeves, straight skirt, satin etc. The more specific you are, the quicker your search will be. If you want a strapless gown, enter “cheap strapless gown wedding dress” in a search engine.

The end of the season is the best time to shop. These end of season sales usually mean dresses are sold for a fraction of the original price tag. This includes dresses from well known brands. You can also buy wedding dresses at auction sites.

You can also find wedding dresses advertised in classified ads. Yard sales are also great places to go bargain hunting. Some of these dresses are for weddings that never took place, so they have never been worn.

You can also get affordable wedding dresses in malls. Just go to the formal dress section and have a look around. There are also some prom and holiday clothing that could make for good wedding gowns.

Bridesmaids Dresses Cheap

The cheapest option is for the bridesmaids to buy their own clothes. Many bridesmaids will agree to this because they will be able to wear the dress again for other occasions.

Or you can go to the Web and search for discount mail-order stores. These services can offer cheap dresses because there is no middleman. The dresses have very little (or no markup). This can save you up to 40%. If matching bridesmaid dresses is too costly, just give the bridesmaid a color swatch. This will help them find dresses that are complementary.

Package Discounts

Ask the retailer if you can get package discounts. Some retailers will offer bridesmaids dresses cheap if you buy a wedding dress. Sometimes ordering a specific amount of dresses will get you discounts for the other dresses.

Do it Yourself

If you or someone you know can sew, you can ask them to make the dresses. The total costs can be much cheaper than buying at a bridal store.

What is the Best Wedding Dance?

This is of course, a matter of personal preference. However, the foxtrot is one of the popular. It is simple to learn and suitable for ballads. For a more formal setting, you can go with the waltz.

Swing is suitable for weddings with a more relaxed atmosphere. If you want more stylish dances, you can try the salsa, cha-cha or rumba. These are popular Latin dances, but they take more time to learn.

When you have chosen a dance, take the time to learn the steps. Foxtrot and swing are easy to learn. For Latin dances, you will need more time learning the techniques. Of course you can just settle for a simple slow dance while your favorite love song is playing.

Buying cheap wedding dresses only means you are being practical. As the information above shows, it is possible to get high quality dresses without splurging.

Is There Such a Thing As a Cheap Wedding Dress?

Picking out your perfect wedding dress is something that women dream about for years, most girls start thinking about what kind of dress they want during high school. The one thing that most girls do not think about is the cost of the dress; they do not realize that it might not be possible to have that dream wedding dress because the dress they want is just a little bit out of their price range.

The good news is that you can still find the dress of your dreams, but at a much lower cost. Just remember that when looking for the perfect dress at a lower cost you will have to be open-minded. Being open minded allows you to see the beauty in other dresses, not just the one that you have dreamed about since your teenage years.

The first thing that you want to do is to find your local consignment stores or other second hand stores. These are going to be your higher end stores, not your run of the mill thrift stores. Many of these stores will have gorgeous dresses, but at about half the cost of a bridal store. The best part is that most of these dresses look brand new, mainly because they have only been worn once.

If you still have not found what you are looking for you can use your mother’s old wedding dress, but just add a little style to it. Make sure it is okay with your mom before you make any changes to it. For example, you can shorten the length of the gown or you can drop the neckline or shorten the sleeves. When going this route you will only have to pay for any alterations that need to be done. You can also do this with a dress that you find in a second-hand store, just by making a few changes you can create the perfect dress for your wedding day.

Your last option is to sew your own wedding dress or have a friend or family member who knows how to sew make your wedding dress for you. Fabric stores have tons of wedding dress patterns to choose from; you can even mix and match patterns to create just the right look. This is one of the cheapest ways to get a wedding dress because all you have to pay for is the patterns, fabric, and trim.

Shopping For a Cheap Wedding Dress on eBay

Shopping for a cheap wedding dress on eBay is as easy as looking for anything on the net. The reason why you may need to look at eBay is, it is the largest online marketplace on and each day, thousands of items are traded. It is a place where you can get items for cheap including a wedding dress.

To begin your eBay search for a cheap wedding dress, log onto the website and then type cheap wedding dress into the search box that appears at the top of the page. You will be given hundreds of pages to look at, each containing what you searched for. Now comes the important part. How to get your dream wedding dress at the price you want?

Look at the left pane of the screen and then select the drop down menu that says sort by price. Enter the price you want and click OK. You now have on the page, dresses that are showing the price you can afford. The job now is to choose the right dress from these hundred of sellers.

First consider the seller’s feedback. The feedback is what others have written about the seller regards how he conducts business. Read through the feedback to see if they are positive. If they are, then you begin to look at the description of the dresses and videos. Any seller who doesn’t produce detailed description of the items should be ignored. Yon need to look at all the dresses to make a good purchase.

Look at the large versions of the pictures. Examine the dress closely for any defects. If you are satisfied with all these, then you can go ahead to initiate payment and then take delivery.

Budget Bride Savings Tips for a Cheap Wedding

You got the ring, now what are you going to do about the wedding? Never fear Budget Bride- your cheap wedding will look like you spent significantly more with these tips!

Cheap Wedding Dress
Just because a wedding dress is cheap, doesn’t mean it can’t be chic. Look for trunk shows at your favorite bridal boutique to save money in your dress budget. A cheap wedding dress alternative can be found on a variety of new “used” dress websites where brides sell their dresses for a fraction of the original price.

Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses
Look for bridesmaid dresses at some of your favorite clothing stores. Dresses that are not necessarily advertised as bridesmaid dresses may be a perfect addition to your bridal processional.

Cheap Reception
To save money on your favorite reception location, ask about pricing on days and times that are not as popular. For example, a Friday night reception may be significantly less than a Saturday night reception. Determine what is most important to you at your reception- decor, food, alcohol? Put your budget towards what makes you the most happy- in the end you will remember the good time you had- not the food that you ate.

Cheap Wedding Cake
Look into bakeries that do not necessarily specialize in wedding cakes to save big money for your cheap wedding. Great alternatives are grocery store bakeries and people who enjoy making cakes as a hobby. Hoping for a tall, traditional tiered wedding cake? Ask your bakery to create a few faux layers, which are decorated with icing to look exactly like the rest of the cake, but save big on the cake budget.

Wedding Favors
You can get creative with inexpensive wedding favors. Determine a budget you want to stay within and stick with it. There are a variety of online stores that sell budget-friendly wedding favors to match any theme and budget.