A Brief History of White Wedding Dresses

A bridal dress in the color white signifies virtue and also upholds tradition. We all know that Britain is well known for its age old traditions and rituals. Hence, it is easy to guess that the white bridal wear has its roots in the English monarchy. The wedding ceremony of Queen Victoria was one of the first events where the white bridal wear was sported. This was in the year 1840. Hence, you can say that the white bridal gown came into existence around 150 years ago.

The fact to be noted is that the marriage ceremony of Queen Victoria did not immediately start the tradition of white bridal dresses. However, wearing a white bridal gown was seen as a statement of class and elegance, hence several women copied the Queen by also getting married in white although most of them were cheap wedding gowns. During those days, the color white was not at all related to being virtuous. Wearing a white wedding dress was just a symbol of wealth. The reason being that it was difficult to afford a white wedding gown which you would not be wearing your whole life again, because of its style and color.

Regardless of the new trend, many women continued to be married in various different colors and styles of cheap wedding dresses. Only the wealthy ones insisted on being married in a white bridal dress to show off their snobbish class. The royalties and wealthy business class of Europe were the ones that continued wearing white.

The popularity of the white bridal gown reached even greater heights during the reign of King Edward. This was mainly because of the introduction of a new knee- length version of the white bridal wear. This proved to be quite a hit not only amongst the classes but also the masses as a lot of them opted for cheap wedding dresses.

The funny part came in during the great depression after World War I and just before World War II was approaching. Although, several women continued to marry in cheap wedding dresses, a few of them still hung on to the tradition of wearing white. Some women even used to marry in a short white informal cheap wedding dress that could be dyed later and used as an everyday dress!

The white wedding dresses made a final comeback in the 1950s post World War II. The popularity of Hollywood and better access to the royalties stunned the people as they saw the actors, film- stars, members of high societies getting married in the elegant white bridal wear. Since then, the white wedding gown has always been in trend. The color white for wedding dresses is considered to be evergreen and it is surely here to stay!

Designer Cheap Wedding Dresses With Embroidered Designs

The day of the wedding brings joy and bliss not only to the bride and groom but also to their parents. The parents want their daughter or son to look perfect in designer clothing. These clothing bear the logo of well known fashion designer and so these are usually costly. It may bear the name of a European couturier or a European luxury goods house or the label of an American sportswear on it. They are made with high level of creativity and hence are expensive. Some of them are not made by the designers themselves. They may be made by other apparel manufacturer and bear the name of the famous designer. This is possible in case if they have entered into a licensing agreement for the purpose. If you are looking for these types of dresses, you can find them in online stores.

The collection is stitched by an excellent team headed by the person who designs it. This team consists of diligent designers, professional operators, quality checkers and sales professionals, etc. These dresses are made of top quality fabrics, come under strict quality control measures and are often embroidered with flowery designs. Embroidery is done either manually or by machine. This collection include beach wedding dress, plus size wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress, tea length dresses, etc. These dresses may be long or short, with straps or without them, low cut neck, or high lined ones. The collection ranges from sleek silhouettes to hand-beaded embellishments, perfectly proportioned to all sizes.

You may order the dress of your choice from online stores. These stores take care of each and every order with special interest. Some of them may charge an extra amount for sales tax. Make sure about it before your make your purchase. There are some wholesalers who sell the dresses which are cheaper than those sold in other stores. Their price would be much lesser than other shops. If you want to buy them at a cheap rate, do not forget to order it, at least a month before. If you look for them at the last moment, you may have to buy only the dresses that are available ready made. These dresses are stitched at standard sizes which may not fit everyone.

After all, every bride wants to look fresh and radiant on the day of her wedding. If you could look beautiful and fresh in a wedding gown of low price, the money saved thus, could be used for other purposes. Yes, you could utilize this chance when you go for designer cheap wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses For Less – How to Score a Stylish Yet Cheap Wedding Dress

Your wedding gown is arguably the most important garment purchase in your lifetime. No other dress comes with more anticipation – and will be more photographed – than this one. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend like royalty to look like a princess on your wedding day. With our smart strategies, you can still walk down the aisle feeling like a million bucks (without having to spend just that).

Something Borrowed

Today, anything retro screams chic. So consider donning your mother’s wedding gown. You’ll not only honor a family legacy, you’ll save a pretty penny too! With vintage lace overlays and crystal embellishments making a comeback, you won’t have to worry about looking dated. With a few simple (and inexpensive) alterations, you can make it your own.

Avoid Added Adornments

Beading, pleating, stitching, embroidering…all of these trimmings add up and are going to cost you extra. Consider a dress that is simply embellished, yet still elegant.

Don’t Name Drop

Sure, designer duds are nice – but if you’re on a budget – you may want to skip the sought-after label. The good news is that you won’t have to sacrifice on style. If you find a look you like from a high-end dress designer, you can almost always find something similar by another name in your price range.

Be Honest

Just because your wedding dress budget doesn’t match your elaborate vision doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the look you want. Approach this shopping decision with an open mind. When stepping into a bridal boutique, tell them exactly what you can realistically spend, and let them take care of the rest. They are the experts, and you might be surprised to see what they can come up with-the perfect wedding gown exists at every price point.

Shop Savvy

Be on the lookout for sample sales, trunk shows, and outlet bargains. Bridal shops are trying to rid their racks of the previous season’s styles to make room for new ones in the late-summer/winter months, so brave the crowds for some super savings. This article offers even more advice on shopping for wedding dresses.

Think Outside Traditional Tulle and Lace

There’s no written rule that says your wedding day attire has to be an official bridal gown. The look you are going for is often available through another avenue. For instance, a standard white or ivory dress can be a less expensive, less fussy alternative to the traditional wedding dress.

Cheap Wedding Gowns – 9 Ways to Find Very Cheap Wedding Dresses

Ideas on how to find very cheap wedding gowns.

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life, but it can also be one of the most expensive. For some brides the most important items on the list will be her wedding gown. A perfect wedding gown doesn’t have to cost the earth.

With advanced shopping and careful consideration of options you can get your dream gown at the price that you want. Consider the following ideas to locate very cheap wedding gowns:


Your mother, grandmother or aunt may have a dress in storage that they would love you to wear.

You can easily have the dress altered or update the look of the dress by removing sleeves, adjusting the length or adding beading.


Online auctions such as eBay can be a great way to find inexpensive wedding gowns. Once the gown has been dry-cleaned it will be as good as new.

Second hand or never used

Your local second hand shops can be a great place to find the perfect gown. You will have to allow yourself plenty of time.

You may have to visit the stores more than once. Get to know the sales staff and let them know about what you are looking for, they may be able to contact you when something suitable comes in.

Sample sales

Many designers and wedding shops have sample sales at the end of each season or once a year. These sales are a fantastic way to get a new dress at a huge discount.

Be prepared to go early, bring some friends along so that they can hold dresses for you as these sales can get quite crowded.

Discontinued, damaged or returned dresses

Ask you local bridal stores if the have any discontinued, damaged or returned dresses.

If they have something that is damaged it may easily be fixed by a dressmaker, or perhaps a dress was a sample and is slightly dirty it can be dry-cleaned.

Advertise in the local paper

Place an advertisement in your local paper saying that you would like to purchase a used wedding gown, you may get some good replies.

Purchase a bridesmaids dress

Consider purchasing a bridesmaids dress for yourself if you are having an informal wedding. There is a large variety of styles available and are considerably cheaper than wedding gowns.

Yellow Pages

Look in the yellow pages under “used clothing” and call and ask if they have wedding dresses in your size.

Non Traditional

An evening or cocktail dress could be suitable for your style of wedding. Cream, white or pale pastel gowns are perfect with the correct accessories.