Cheap Wedding Dresses Under $100

This guide intends to show the reader how they can buy a wedding dress for under £100. Yes, it’s possible! You can get a fantastic dress for a fraction of the normal £1000+ cost by shopping around and being a bit creative. You can even do your bit for a worth while cause by buying from a charity. Both Oxfam and Barnardo’s stock wedding dresses, usually from exclusive designers and all at bargain prices.

1) Borrow and alter

Borrow one from a friend or relative. Take it to a dress makers and get it altered and accessorized. This is the cheapest way to get a wedding dress.

2) Buy from a dress makers

Look through bridal magazines and find a dress that you like and see how much they charge to make it.

3) Buy ex-display stock

Go to a wedding show or wedding shop and buy ex-display, check alterations are included in the price.

4) Buy second-hand

Buying a second-hand dress from a shop or online (off eBay or Google Shopping). Offer cash to get a bigger discount.

5) Informal dress

If it’s an informal wedding, buy a dress from a store and accessorise.

6) Rent a dress

Always cheaper to rent then to buy.

7) End of line sales

Buy from an end of line sale. Look online to find wedding shops with stock clearances.

8) High street wedding dress

Not all high street shop are expensive. Buy a dress from Monsoon, BHS, or Debenhams.

9) Buy from a Charity shop

There are charity shops that specialise in wedding dresses. This is an idea place to buy a cheap quality dress and do your bit for a worthwhile cause –



10) Vintage shops

Buy from a Vintage shop.

11) Buy from the Internet

With no showroom overheads, its usually cheaper then from a shop. Make sure you get your measurements right and check for online ratings before you buy.

12) Buy from abroad

Buy from China or India, both have a tradition for cheap handmade garments. Factor in any alterations needed when the wedding dress arrives in the UK. Remember, the prices exclude import tax and VAT.

In this article I have explained how the reader can get a quality wedding dress at a fraction of the cost. There are many more money saving tips on my website, please take a look and tell me what you think.