Cheap Wedding Gowns – 9 Ways to Find Very Cheap Wedding Dresses

Ideas on how to find very cheap wedding gowns.

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life, but it can also be one of the most expensive. For some brides the most important items on the list will be her wedding gown. A perfect wedding gown doesn’t have to cost the earth.

With advanced shopping and careful consideration of options you can get your dream gown at the price that you want. Consider the following ideas to locate very cheap wedding gowns:


Your mother, grandmother or aunt may have a dress in storage that they would love you to wear.

You can easily have the dress altered or update the look of the dress by removing sleeves, adjusting the length or adding beading.


Online auctions such as eBay can be a great way to find inexpensive wedding gowns. Once the gown has been dry-cleaned it will be as good as new.

Second hand or never used

Your local second hand shops can be a great place to find the perfect gown. You will have to allow yourself plenty of time.

You may have to visit the stores more than once. Get to know the sales staff and let them know about what you are looking for, they may be able to contact you when something suitable comes in.

Sample sales

Many designers and wedding shops have sample sales at the end of each season or once a year. These sales are a fantastic way to get a new dress at a huge discount.

Be prepared to go early, bring some friends along so that they can hold dresses for you as these sales can get quite crowded.

Discontinued, damaged or returned dresses

Ask you local bridal stores if the have any discontinued, damaged or returned dresses.

If they have something that is damaged it may easily be fixed by a dressmaker, or perhaps a dress was a sample and is slightly dirty it can be dry-cleaned.

Advertise in the local paper

Place an advertisement in your local paper saying that you would like to purchase a used wedding gown, you may get some good replies.

Purchase a bridesmaids dress

Consider purchasing a bridesmaids dress for yourself if you are having an informal wedding. There is a large variety of styles available and are considerably cheaper than wedding gowns.

Yellow Pages

Look in the yellow pages under “used clothing” and call and ask if they have wedding dresses in your size.

Non Traditional

An evening or cocktail dress could be suitable for your style of wedding. Cream, white or pale pastel gowns are perfect with the correct accessories.