Why You Shouldn’t Buy Secondhand or Hire Your Wedding Dress

When you decide to get married it soon becomes apparent that making that life long commitment to one another can be very expensive. Many couples will work out a wedding budget and devise a breakdown of the costings for each item, often allowing more to certain features of the day that they consider to be more important and special to them. This could be anything from having a venue that they have fallen in love with, choosing an amazing wedding dress, allowing more for some unique photography or to allow some extra cash for some bespoke wedding rings.

One particular item that is of importance, especially to the bride is her wedding dress. This is often an item that is a struggle to compromise on. In the groom’s eyes he may find it difficult to comprehend why you would desire to spend several thousand pounds on an item of clothing that you will only get to wear the once, whilst for the bride this dress is usually the one item of clothing she has been dreaming of wearing and fantasizing of ever since she was a little girl.

Some brides will seek to cut back on the cost of her wedding dress by choosing to hire her bridal wear for the day or possibly look to purchase a second hand wedding gown. This may initially appear to be the alternative in saving money however there are many negatives in choosing this option. It is becoming less common to hire a wedding dress as it is simply not cost effective. By the time you have paid the hire and dry cleaning costs and had any alterations done the price will have soared, there is often very little choice of wedding dress styles for you to select from too. Likewise if you purchase a pre-loved dress online you can’t be certain that when it actually arrives you will like it, it will fit you or will even be in good enough condition to wear it again. Think again if you are looking at purchasing a brand new dress from overseas. There are many horror stories of brides thinking they are getting a bargain of a dress from websites when in fact they are unlawfully using advertising photos from leading designers. The dresses if they actually arrive at all have been known to be dirty, cheaply made and of very poor quality bearing no resemblance to the picture at all.

There is one way to purchase cheap wedding dresses however. Look into visiting a factory outlet that stocks wedding dresses. These stores offer brand new designer dresses at a fraction of the retail price often being less than what you would pay to hire or purchase second hand – best of all you get to keep the gown at the end and do what you so wish with it!